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Birthday party in Aqua Forum

Why not celebrate your child's birthday party in Aqua Forum. Here the kids can have fun in our amusement pool or maybe take a dive in our diving pool from 1, 3 or even 5 meters.

There will be lifeguards present at all times during opening hours, but it is always your responsibility to look after your children.

Please note!
The birthday party is obliged to be accompagnied by at least one adult (18 years old).

We do not host birthday parties on Fridays as Aqua Forum is closed for the public. Café opening hours.

We offer 3 different menus, all including a ticket to Aqua Forum.

The heathy- kr. 109

Pita with tuna or chicken
1 piece of fruit
Water or juice

The Fun no. 1 - 109 kr.

French Fries
Juice ad libitum., 1 small soda or slush ice
1 icecream for dessert 

The fun no. 2 - 109 kr.

6 Chicken nuggets
French Fries
Juice ad libitum, 1 small soda or slush ice

1 icecream for dessert 

Fill out a request form for a children birthday party and our cafe manager will contact you.

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