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Aqua Bike 

With Aqua Bike you get great intensity and cardio training in the water. There is no adjustment of the resistance on the bikes - the more you cycle the harder the insensity becomes.

The workout begins with a 5-6 minutes warm-up session followed by interval and high cardio training.

Aqua bike is different from regular spinning, as we have the oppotunity to include training of the entire body in water on and off the bike.  

Join us in the sports pool and discover the satisfaction of af complete workout and wellbeing.

Monday at 19.15
Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30
Wednesday at 18.45

The session lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Aqua Bike is free, once you have paid the entrance fee. Signing up is necessary, as we have a limited number of bikes.

Sign up in Aqua Forum’s ticket sales or call +45 7629 2323.

Please note! There is no Aqua Bike during school holidays.