Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging takes place in our diving pool. You do not need to worry about drifting or staying afloat, as you will be equipped with a flotation belt. This way you can concentrate on the simple, but very calorie burning movements in the deep water.

The risk of injuries are minimal, as all the movements are performed within a close range of your body. Typical exercises are walking and running in water shifting in pace and intensity. Exercises inspired by Aqua Fitness are also included in the workout.
Suitable for all fitness levels.
Each session is guided by professionally trained instructors, and is spiced up with different music and versatile exercises.

Join us for an effective workout in our diving pool!

Monday at 16.45

A session lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Once the entrance fee is paid, participation in Aqua Jogging is free – Signing up is necessary as the number of participants are limited.
Sign up in Aqua Forum's ticket sales or call +45 7629 2323

Please note! There is no Aqua Jogging during school holidays.