Baby Swim Class

Baby swimming strengthens the connection and the sense of intimacy between parents and their baby. The warm water provides the baby with the same sense of well being as experienced during the prenatal stages.

During the lessons the baby is the center of attention, teaching them to feel safe and secure above and under water. In addition, baby swimming stimulates the respiratory and digestive systems as well as their hearing, sight, smell and sense of touch.

Baby swimming helps create basis for your baby to learn how to crawl and walk. This is done through stimulation of their balance, coordination, and muscles. In addition, many parents notice an improvement in the baby’s sleeping pattern.

Practical information

Children are required to wear swim nappies until they are toilet trained.
These can be bought at Aqua Forums ticket sales.

There is a baby nursing room within the pool area. Here you will also find a microwave for heating bottles.

When the baby is 6 weeks old, it is a great time to join a baby swim class. At this age, the baby still has a memory of the massaging feeling of the amniotic fluid. Should mom not be ready after giving birth, it is a perfect oppurtunity for dad to start. It is important that the baby’s belly button is fully healed and dry before you start.

Lessons will take place in the Amusement pool on Tuesdays at 10.00, wednesdays 16.30 and Thursdays at 12.30.

Startup of new lessons will be announced soon         

The lessons take place in small teams.

The price is 750 kr for 8 sessions of 40 minutes.

Please note! No refunds if you fail to attend the classes, whether it is due to illness or other reasons.

Please note! Baby swim classes do not take place during school holidays.