Aqua Forum is used for fun, for training and to relax. The pools are often filled with people who have different reasons for being there.

That is why we have a set of houserules, we ask you to follow as our guest. 

Before you jump in the water:

  • Girls at the age of 8 years+ must use the ladies changing room
  • Boys at the age of 8 years+ must use the mens changing room
  • Lock all of your belongings in the locker - also your jacket and shoes. When you buy your entrance ticket, you will receive a bracelet with a chip for the locker
  • Before entering the swimming pool you must shower and wash your hair and body thouroughly with soap  before putting on your bathingsuit.
  • If you need to use the toilet during your visit to Aqua Forum you must, once again, shower without bathing suit before re-entering the pools.

Within the pool are, the following applies:

  • No running - the floor can be slippery
  • Children must be under supervision - it is your responsiblity as a parent!
  • Be considerate of the other guests in Aqua Forum
  • Check the depth of the water before you jump in

Furthermore the following applies:

  • Directions and rules must be followed and respected
  • The lifeguards' instructions must be followed and respected
  • It is recommended that children and inexperienced swimmers always use flotations belts and/or wings
  • It is recommended that children are always accompanied by an adult
  • Children using flotation belts and/or water wings must be accompanied by an adult (18+ years) wearing bathing suit. This rule considers the safety of your children
  • Your stay at Aqua Forum is your reponsibility - so use your common sense!
  • Smoking is not allowed in Aqua Forum or the outdoor pool area