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Aqua Forum is always under supervision by our trained lifeguards. However, you are responsible for your own safety when using our facilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. Please also read Info.

Disabled Services

Aqua Forum is equipped with facilities to welcome and support the needs you may have as a person with disabilities. Lifts can be found on all floors and the pools are constructed with ramps for easy access.

We have separate changing rooms for men and women, which are specially equipped for disabled. Wheelchairs and walkers are available at no charge throughout your stay at Aqua Forum.


The Amusement Pool

The amusement pool is 220 m2 and has a water temperature of 33oC. Here you will find bubble zones, massage jets, counter current channel, waterfall and a waterslide, which is more than 50 meters long.

Baby Pool

For the little ones, we have a baby pool with shallow water with a tempertaure of 34oC.

Sports Pool

The sports pool is 25 meters long. It has 8 swimming lanes and a water tempertaure of 27oC.

Diving Pool

The diving pool is 4 meters deep. Here you will find a 1 meter and a 3 meter dive board and a 5 meter diving tower. This pool also contains a 3 meter climbing wall. We guarantee a wet landing.


Steam room and sauna are located in each of the men's and women's changing rooms. Furthermore, a joint steam sauna (a sauna with a temperature of 65 oC and 30% humidity) is available for both sexes.

Within the pool area you can relax in our 35°C jacuzzi.

Baby Nursing Room

In case needed during your stay at Aqua Forum, we have a special equppied nursing room for you and your baby within the pool area in warm, quiet and cosy surroundings. You will find two permanent baby bathtubs with showerheads, three changing tables and a microwave oven for heating bottles.

Outdoor Pool Area

(Closed until summer season 2019)

During the summer season, you have access to our heated 25 meter outdoor pool, an area with playground equipment, and a sun deck with sunbeds. Here you can enjoy your own lunch.

Smoking is not allowed in the outdoor area!